| Letter of Santiago

Patient Safety Global Ministerial Summits have been an opportunity to dialogue, reflect and commit between participants from different nations. These allow to generate agreements to continue working in this topic. The valuable conclusions generated by experts and authorities of health are summarized in a letter to which the participants are included.

The charter of the 5th Montreux Global Ministerial Summit 2023 recognizes the contributions of previous ministerial summits in raising awareness about the burden of avoidable harm to people in health care and promoting strategic approaches to strengthen patient safety, as well as It also establishes the main points of the ministerial debate and the participants' recommendations for ministers, public policy makers and experts to move from theory to the implementation of actions.

For the 6th Global Ministerial Summit in Santiago 2024, we hope to have the valuable contributions of attendees regarding the sustainability of the practices implemented in health systems and contribute with their conclusions to the safety of all people during their health care.

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